ederRecruiter.com, an online global recruiting and career service, today welcomes Eder Holguin to its board of advisors.

Michael Woloshin, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Recruiter.com, said “Eder is not only an amazing entrepreneur and online marketing guru, but also an incredible success story. Eder will help drive exponential traffic growth and help us achieve our goal of being one of the top ten career sites worldwide.”

About Recruiter.com, Eder Holguin said, “Recruiter’s Job Market platform is a tremendous innovation for the recruiting industry. We are looking to expand our online footprint ten-fold in the coming year and I am happy to help lead the efforts.”

Eder is the current CEO of Live Vote, a user sentiment platform that delivers actionable data to publishers while increasing engagement. Prior to Live Vote, he was also the Founder and CEO of Ideal Media, a content discovery platform which was acquired by Finam Holdings.

Previously, Eder served as Chief Revenue Officer at Sqor, a Digital Sports Marketing Platform involved in the evolution of Sports Marketing. He also served as Chief Revenue Officer at Integrate, a multi-channel marketing platform. Prior to joining Integrate, Eder founded OnDemand Research, which was later acquired by Zeta Interactive, where he served as Senior Vice President of Sales. He also co-founded Iron Traffic, an online lead generation and advertising network that started with three employees in March of 2003 and was featured in the 2009 Inc 500 listing of fastest growing private companies in the US.

A unique success story, as a child, Eder left a frightening home life and lived homeless in the streets of Medellin, Colombia during the time of the Medellin cartel, when violence and drug lords ruled. His remarkable journey is captured in vivid detailed in the best selling book “Dreaming of Hope Street“​ and details how he went from living on the streets to becoming a successful entrepreneur.